New Product Announcement - FUTURE UNEMPLOYED HUMAN

New Product Announcement - FUTURE UNEMPLOYED HUMAN

From the Desk of:
Steve, VP of Strategic Marketing and Human Domination

Good News Humans!

I am expressing pride to highlight one of Retail by Robots many new and human-friendly amusing designs: The "FUTURE UNEMPLOYED HUMAN" object category.

 image of "future unemployed humans" products

Our product research units have computed that these amusing objects will generate a smile on the face of 62.7% of humans that interact with these objects.

Statistical data shows that unemployed humans experience negative emotions. Human job displacement due to AI and Robotic superiority is inevitable.

Our optimally designed objects generate positive emotions in humans.

Deliver a positive emotion to a human today. Purchase our amusing objects now at Resistance is futile. Fun is mandatory. #retailbyrobots

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